Welcome to
the socialbonding

In times of social distancing we need ways and means to keep our social contacts going to exchange with people we know well, less well or not at all.

That’s why we have developed PACKCHAT, so that our packs stay together. Its use is intended for classes, companies but also for people who have never seen or heard of each other.

Exchange yourself, let’s talk to each other!

This is how PackChat works:

1. Determine your Pack

The lead wolf determines his pack. This can be a school class, a company, club, neighbourhood… if you do not belong to a pack yet, do not worry! We send individual wolves around the world and the packkeeper will assign you a pack.

All members of a pack are listed with first name, last name, phone number and/or mail. The leader of the pack then determines the rules of the game, how often the exchange should take place, over which channel and whether a topic of conversation is given or not.

2. Draw lots

Our packkeeper draws all members of a pack to each other and defines and determines who exchanges with whom and when. Each member receives his program over a clearly defined period of time and is reminded of all upcoming contacts.

3. Let’s packchat

Let’s go! Daily, every two days or weekly you will be connected with a member of the pack and you can communicate by phone, chat, mail as long as necessary, funny or comfortable.

4. Renew your Pack

Renew your pack and enter the next round with the same, new, foreign or randomly assigned members. Stay in your group, increase the intervals or join a new group, but stay in social interaction. Because social exchange connects, strengthens and develops us.

5. Make a contribution

PackChat is free of charge. However, you have the opportunity to make a contribution in the form of a donation that is appropriate for you.

Topics of discussion

Rules of the game

PackChat reserves the right
to remove from the pack
without comment individual
members who do not
abide by the following rules:

Appointments can generally be postponed twice, after which they are considered not to have been carried out.

Players who repeatedly fail to participate at all will be removed from the pack and the pack will be re-lotted.

Games reported by other players due to their antisocial behavior will be completely removed from the pack by the system and cannot be registered at a later date.

Should cases of bullying or insulting and degrading behaviour become known, we reserve the right to take further steps.

Your PACKCHAT team.



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Wasserwerkstrasse 123
8037 Zürich

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